Cold Steel Master Hunter vs. Fallkniven F1 – Are they cutters for books shredder?

Cold Steel Ltd. is one of the finest brands in the cutlery industry. Cold Steel has dedicated diverse, varied products to create best knives and tools not only for self-defense professionals but also for everyday carry life for over decades.

Master Hunter by Cold Steel has become the best-friend EDC knife since Cold Steel started this line. Fans and customers have no doubt about Master Hunter’s strength, reliability and quality.  Check the best spyderco knives with us.

Cold Steel Master Hunter Knife

But there’re still lots of topic online and outline comprising between Cold Steel Master Hunter and Fallkniven F1, because they crazily look alike and who knows which on would win in this twins-battle. People says that before Fallkniven was a officially knives producer, they used to be Cold Steel’s distributor in Europe, that might be the reason why of the resemble looks. Check the  best edc fix blade knife  now.

Cold Steel Master Hunter vs. Fallkniven F1

Fallkniven F1 knife

Fallkniven isn’t an old name. Based in Sweden, Fallkniven was truly a traditional Scandinavian family of hunters and fishers. These Scandinavian hunting knives has started to be in the cutlery business since 1984, and now Fallkniven is getting more competitive.

Fallkniven Family

  1. Material

On Cold Steel website, Master Hunter is proudly presented as the best EDC knife the company has ever produced. Available with Japanese VG-1 San Mai III® steel, or with American CPM 3-V High Carbon Steel blades, Master Hunter is claimed to be sharp and strong at cutting. VG-1 has higher Molybdenum content and has nickel added instead of cobalt as you’d find in VG-10 steel. As a result, VG-1 is a touch more corrosion resistant and holds a sharp edge longer when being worked than VG-10.

Customer can also choose between 3G and Lam. VG10 for their own Fallknive’s F1 blade materials – which are premium kinds of steel. Especially, Fallkniven’s Lam. VG-10 is VG-10 sandwiched in between 420. But VG-10 will take a keener edge than VG1 due to its vanadium content, but only slightly. It will also be harder to sharpen.

Cold Steel Master Hunter Plus VG-1 San Mai Steel Blade

Finally, both steels are superb stainless steels for outdoor knives, as far as they go!

  1. Customized model

If you’re looking at Fallkniven’s website, you’d be really interested in creating your own F1 model. Fallkniven allow customers to choose blade material, handle material and their own graving style. Wanting a knife that you can pass down to your children, grandchildren, grand-grand children… you should definitely go with your own Fallkniven model.

For not providing customized model, are you still considering Cold Steel Master Hunter?

  1. Uses

Cold Stell Master Hunter features a broad blade that’s been flat ground to achieve the ideal blade cross-section and edge geometry for hunting application. On the other hand, Fallkniven presents the new generation of survival knife – Fallkniven F1 with thinner blade and is more likely to chip or roll than the thicker, pointy edge of Cold Steel Master Hunter.

There’s obliviously difference in the advertisement purposes of the two knives from two brands but there’re still some undeniable same-reasons to buy of these. Not only the designs of blade shape are the same but also they both can complete everyday tasks of a camping/hunting trip.

Cold Steel Master Hunter is slightly bigger compare to Fallknive, it’s sharp, it’s hard and it cut off everything effortlessly, it do involve in all the chores on the hunt from dressing to skinning.

Fallkniven F1 comes quicker with camping chores and stuffs, all everyday stuffs literally. The thinner blade might not be strong as you expect like the Cold Stell Master Hunter but the lighter weight and easier handle are more than one  plus point for cutting ropes, keeping under the belt just in case.

Fallkniven F1 on the go

  1. Prices

It’s officially 159.99$ for one Cold Steel on its website, but it’s easier to find everywhere on Amazon with some incredible prices. Shipping services and available in-stocks products are everywhere in the US.

Based on customer’s choices, the price for your own Fallkniven is flexible, usually around 130$ or less. Since Fallkniven is a Sweden family company, the brand can be more familiar with European and but sitll needs more time to become widely known.

  1. Tips

You might be deciding for yourself, would you rather go with Cold Steel Master Hunter or Fallkniven? There’s a tip for finding an EDC knife best friend is letting your hand decide. The difference in blade is huge but also the handles are needed to care about. Either one will work great or you should just pick the one that you think feels better, both knife and sheath. You should go to your area stores that might carry these products you’re wondering, handle these knives in person and put Cold Steel Master Hunter side by side with Fallkniven if possible.

Let your hands choose for you! Thank you for reading my new ebook with information about knife. Please donote if you respect my wriring.

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